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Late February saw Chameleon load up their trucks for their first national tour in over 13 months - Midnight Oil’s The Makarrata Project live onstage with an array of First Nations contributors.

Lighting designer Alex Saad had been all set to tour Europe last year with the band when Covid-19 shut everything down. Naturally he was delighted to resume touring with the band one long, hard year later!

Alex’s lighting very much supports the incredible visuals created by Rachael Johnston.

Alex is not the sort of lighting designer who has to have particular models of lighting in his rig. In his down to earth manner, he specifies washes and profiles and goes along with what is suggested by our experienced account manager Graham Walker.

However, everyone who knows Alex knows there is one item he must have - a Hog for control! In this case we supplied him with two Hog 4 consoles (one for backup) and also a Hog 4 Wing.

Twelve Claypaky B-EYE K20 were on the floor upstage to deliver eye candy whilst four bars of five Claypaky Sharpy Plus were suspended above them in a staggered formation for a variety of strong beam effects.

A total of 32 x Martin MAC Quantum Washes, 16 on the back and mid truss and 16 more stage left and right, provided stage wash. The back and mid truss also held 22 x Claypaky Scenius Unico.

The front truss was dedicated to 13 x Robe BMFL Blades with a couple of Robe RoboSpots utilised.

Scattered throughout the rig were 33 x Thomas 4 Lite and a handful of Molefay Two Lights with Alex adamant that they not be LED!

Atmosphere consisted of two DF-50 Hazers, a couple of JEM ZR44 Foggers and two MDG theONE.

Chameleon also toured distribution, including a couple of Stagesmarts 72way GPO Distribution, intercoms, dimmers and data distribution. We also supplied chain motors, rigging, truss and pipes.

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