Ultra Australia returned to Sydney's Parramatta Park boasting the world's top EDM DJ's with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production.

Production Management company was Integratd.co working alongside Ultra Miami Production Designers - Ray Steinman and Richard Milstein.

Chameleon supplied all production rigging (motors + truss) for main stage lighting and video.

Main Stage
46 x Robe MegaPointe
34 x Martin MAC Viper Profile
30 x Claypaky Scenius Unico
6 x Robe Spiider
47 x ShowPRO Fusion Bar
48 x Martin Atomic 3000
26 x Elation Dtw 700
5 x Look Solutions Viper Combo
4 x Stagesmarts AB smart PDU 72way distro racks for power
5 x MA Lighting NPU for data distribution
2 x grandMA2 fullsize at FOH + 1 grandMA2 fullsize out back for pre vis

Main Stage crew:
Crew Chief: Lewis Gersbach
Show crew: Jacob Toomey, Chris Bolt

Resistance Stage
41 x Claypaky Sharpy beam
22 x Martin LED Atomic 3000
40 x ShowPRO Quad 18
4 x DF50 haze
2 x grandMA2 light
Power and data distribution were also supplied.

Resistance Stage crew:
Jye Atkinson, Oliver Vanboxtel, Daniel Buchanan and Chris Hiscox.

Many thanks to all Chameleon crew who helped make this happen from the warehouse to load in and load out.

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