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Chameleon Finally Get To Go To The Logies!

The 62nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards ceremony was held on 19 June 2022 at The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland and broadcast live on the Nine Network. It is the first ceremony to be held since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were two important firsts this year; the event was held in a different location at a new venue and for the first time ever, Chameleon Touring Systems provided all of the lighting and rigging!

Lighting Designer for the event was Shane O’Dwyer with Daniel Saveski and Megan McGann as Lighting Programmers/Directors.

After designing the show’s lighting for the past eight years, Shane was thrilled to design a rig in a venue with increased height.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “The set could be a lot taller which made the wider shots much grander and gave us much more to play with. ’’

Shane worked closely with set designer Mark Dyson to ensure a cohesive, classy outcome saying he was excited by Mark’s design for this year’s event.

“He created a ‘floating light box’ look that I was keen to add to around the room as well as above the stage,” he commented. “The floating light box consisted of Claypaky Scenius Unico, Vari-lite VLX washes and GLP JDC-1s and then I chose black truss which essentially ‘disappeared’ on screen so you only saw the lighting fixtures.”

The rig was dominated by Claypaky fixtures with Sharpy Washes around the room located on curved trusses in front of LED screens and also as general wash. Claypaky B-EYE K10s were located on the stage floor and were the general workhorses popping up all through the show. Claypaky Scenius Profiles acted as the key lights for stage washes and picking up positions for Steadicam shots. Claypaky Sharpy Beams were used as table overheads with extra fixtures creating overhead beam looks. Claypaky Mythos were located on the front truss to create a finish to the set along with LED Molefays.

Robe BMFL LT Ground Control Followspots were used to pick up presenter walk-ons and walk-offs while Martin MAC Viper FX dominated the room with its beautiful breakup gobos over the audience.

GLP impression Bar 10 were around the orchestra with more used for Jimmy Barnes’ set where they were located on the band risers. Ayrton MagicBlade FX were added to the floor package for Jessica Mauboy’s performance.

A massive amount of 258 ShowPRO TrussMates were utilised with Daniel admitting they were his favourite fixture look!

“Having such a large matrix of them up in the roof created a ‘star field’ which gave us some very interesting looks,” he said. “It may be one of the simplest and smallest fixtures we had on the show but the big looks we got when running bitmaps and general effects through them were fantastic.”


The most challenging aspect of the show for Daniel was the sheer size of the show with 63 universes all lined up in the correct spot! 2371 fixtures/ 19698 parameters to be exact. He had to make sure each truss and fixture would fit in the correct stream that would make sense from a systems point of view.

“Everything is done on site with no pre-programming apart from getting our console layouts right off site,” he added. “For the first few days whilst the rig is getting built, Megan and I spend some time building our pre-sets for each fixture type on the floor ensuring our building blocks are ready to go for the programming stages.”

The event was the first time that Shane has ever worked with Chameleon and he was impressed!

“It was a great experience and they worked very hard, it was a big show” remarked Shane. “They were on site the whole time and put in a lot.”

“Working with Chameleon was fantastic and the crew were great,” agreed Daniel. “Nothing was a problem and any issues we had onsite were fixed straight away.”

Chameleon also provided all trussing/rigging and power distribution

Colourblind supplied the Intelliflex LED tape as well as 2 x MA3 compact XT for the media servers.

Gear List

3 x MA Lighting MA2 full size
1 x MA3 full size
2 x MA3 Compact XT
4 x MA2 NPU
6 x MA1 NSP
54 x Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330
10 x Claypaky B-EYE K10
46 x Claypaky Scenius Profiles
39 x Claypaky Scenius Unico
102 x Claypaky Sharpy Beam
31 x GLP JDC1 Strobe
4 x Creamsource Mini
15 x Ayrton MagicBlade FX
258 x ShowPRO TrussMate
7 x Claypaky Mythos
29 x GLP Bar 10
3 x Robe BMFL long throw followspot
30 x Vari-lite VLX wash
9 x LED Molefay

Red Carpet

Lighting Design by Shane O’Dwyer and Daniel Saveski
Lighting Director Patrick Neff

1 x MA3 light
1 x MA2 onPC command wing
19 x ShowPRO EX36 wide
2 x Robe Patt 2017
21 x Sunstrips
2 x 4K HMI
16 x Chauvet ColorDash HEX12
21 x Chroma-q Colorforce72
5 x Portman P1
6 x Prolights ECLPanel TWCJr
20 x Prolights ECLPanel TWC
9 x Robert Juliat Dalis 862
12 x ShowPRO Hercules
6 x Claypaky Sharpy Beam
8 x Robe BMFL Blade
4 x Creamsource Mini

Chameleon Bump in Crew

Tim Allder, Greg Davies, Scott Black, Kishan Maisuria, Henry Ludgate, Micheal O’Connor, Angus Ludgate, Sam Turner, Bob Hsiung, Troy Spence, Terrie Coggins, Cooper Corcoran


Chameleon Logies Inside Crew

Scott Black, Kishan Maisuria, Henry Ludgate, Micheal O’Connor


Chameleon Logies Red Carpet Crew

Greg Flood, Ethan Harvey, Luke Spence

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